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The establishment of British rule over the country in 1815 brought changes in the pattern of land holding, land use and title to land. The Ordinance No. 2 of 1863 entitled “An Ordinance to enable the Crown to take possession of private lands for public use and to survey and assess lands. A Local Government Board was established on June 1, 1921 to attend the annual assessment of Government properties, assessment of immovable property in urban areas and other valuations of lands. Provision for the post of Government Assessor and his staff was made under the Local Government Board, the post of Government Assessor being created in 1923 who is to be in charge of the assessment of Crown Properties, Estate Duty valuations, Land Acquisition and valuation and assessment of local authorities.


In the year 1939, there were two organizations carrying out valuation work on behalf of the Government, namely the Valuation Division of the Treasury and the Local Government Valuers’ Department. As a measure of retrenchment it was decided to amalgamate the above two units and one officer to be in charge of the new Department. As a result Capt. E.G. Eastman was appointed as Chief Valuer in October 1939.


During this time Diploma in Valuation, at the Ceylon Technical College was started with the view of providing professionalism to the valuation field. Degree in Estate Management, which is the professional course of study for valuers, was set up in 1972 in the University of Colombo and the following year at Vidyodaya University (now the University of Sri Jayewardenepura). Even today, this is the main source of producing professionals for the department. The basic recruitment level to the department increased to degree level and only the holders of BSc. (Special) Estate Management and Valuation are taken to the department now.


The Government Valuation Department makes a significant contribution towards the socio-economic development of the country, which is known to the general public at large. Our predecessors, gone through a history of more than 99 years, have with their profound knowledge and expertise, left for us an esteemed professional institution in the public sector maintaining traditions and high standards in valuation and estate management. Methodology built up with dedication, proper decorum and professionalism indicate to us how we could best conduct ourselves to provide services as professional valuers with dignity and of the highest order.


This Performance & Accountability Report is the culmination of the preamble of the department with its objectives and activities, Highlights of the performance measures of the Department and our progress in comparison with actual results against targets and goals set in our annual performance plan, which we developed in view of getting assistance in carrying out mission towards socio-economic development to the country and the Financial Management Processes of the Department, which began with planning strategies, continued through formulation, execution and justification of the budget of the Department to the Ministry of Finance of Sri Lanka. This report is being prepared pursuant to the requirements of the Financial Regulations of the Government of Sri Lanka and covers the activities of the Department during the year 2022.


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